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Now you can finally be free from all those countless marketing tasks and spend your time on your core competences.  Our expertise will make your marketing more effective. We work with you to set your strategic business goals and objectives.  Then we develop actionable marketing plans, optimize your sales and marketing materials, align marketing and sales funnels, update online and offline marketing and sales materials, and do anything else needed to drive better ROI for your marketing budget.

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Alexa Passos, Founder of Aldeia Global MarketingAlexa Passos is the founder of Aldeia Global Marketing.  Alexa is a Brazilian-American online marketing expert with a background in entrepreneurship and technology.  She has lived in 11 countries and gained a deep understanding of how cultural issues impact communications, customer relationships, and sales.  A native English speaker, Alexa is also fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. At Aldeia Global Marketing, she has worked with start-ups and SMEs to help them develop their marketing function and improve their online presence and drive sales conversions.  Her background ranges from large corporations, like Compaq Computers, to helping starts-ups develop their marketing function. She has a BS in Business Marketing and certifications as a Guerrilla Marketing Coach and as a Pricer.  Alexa is also a member of CopyBlogger Authority.  During her career, Alexa has been obtained in a wide range of marketing and sales skills.

Alexa's LinkedIn Recommendations

Alexa is one of the sharpest marketing professionals I've known and had the pleasure to work with. She has the proper balance of professionalism and technical expertise to solve complex marketing problems in creative ways. She delivered solutions necessary to meet the organizations demands. I certainly recommend Alexa to any business that wants a top notch marketing resource.
Alexa and her team stepped up to help on a project that was very different and quite challenging. After some discussions on the plan of attack, her team went to work and had, in my eyes, some great success. What impressed me was the willingness to step up to this project when so many others weren't willing to try. It also didn't matter where in the world she was, she worked with people in different countries to help us get what we needed.
Alexa has great creative energy paired with a deep understanding of research and strategy in marketing. It has been a pleasure working with her on several projects and I give her my full endorsement.
Alexa is masterful with Marketing and Advertising! She thinks outside the box and always delivers multiple solutions. Alexa was easy to work with as she's very dependable, methodical, a forward thinker, and never missed a deadline. She's a research expert with a wealth of information to offer her clients.
Alexa was a great person to have on the pricing team: very enthusiastic and smart too.
I have known Alexa for over 25 years. She is a tremendous communicator and her knowledge of the workings of the Internet is exceptional.
Alexa knows her stuff. The greatest error in any marketing plan is the inability to clearly define the demographics and psychology of your target market, Alexa is able to get into the head of your target audience and clearly outline what their looking for and then help you implement strategies that gets results.
I worked with Alexa on a international marketing project while completing my BS in Marketing. She did outstanding work on the team.
I had the pleasure of working with Alexa at FossaTEC; an IT infrastructure software company. Alexa has an entrepreneur mindset with big company savvy. As the executive marketer Alexa was responsible for all marketing campaigns, company communication including the web presence, and business alliances. Roll that up and you have a highly skilled, insightful, hardworking individual capable of taking well balanced risks, and driving business. I still turn to Alexa for marketing advice, and would consider any company lucky to have Alexa on their team.
Alexa is a very cheerful and wonderful person. She is able to give out speeches to hundreds of people with confidence. Her confidence enables her to catch the attention of the audience. She is very dynamic in adopting various marketing tools. She is able to come out with a lot of marketing strategies. These strategies has since then been incorporated in our marketing efforts for the College. There were a few marketing executive that she trained and has been contributing positively to the company. Overall, Alexa would be able to add value to any firms that she is working at.
It was a great pleasure to work with Alexa at Compaq. She is a fully committed professional and among other skills, her ability to work in intercultural environments across different regions was well respected.
Alexa is one of the brightest marketing professionals I've met. From helping us get our company moving in the right direction, to helping us reach out to investors as well as potential customers. And she does all of this with a delightful laugh, and a touch of class. Yeah, she's that good...
Alexa is a vibrant and intelligent marketing professional, who has a deep understanding of marketing methods and strategy.

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